Informational Interviews

Ms. Kelly Rush, Clinical Supervisor at the Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Wellness:

Kelly graduated from Muhlenberg in 2004 with a double major in Sociology and Communication. In her junior year, she decided that going to graduate school for Social Work was the right step for her. She mostly work to help parents of children in the 0-3 range with developmental disabilities. Before talking to Kelly, I had never considered that going to Graduate School for Social Work was an idea of interest. I enjoyed hearing about her career and the very real interactions that she is able to have with people on a daily basis. I admire the impact she has on our society each day and would love to find myself impacting society in a similar fashion by the time I am out of school with a career.

My conversation with Kelly came after my conversation with Jocelyn, and I find it very meaningful to be able to speak with not just one but two practicing social workers. While Jocelyn chose to work with high school aged students, Kelly chose to work with the parents of very young children. Both of them went into graduate school with the same intention; wanting to be able to directly impact the lives of others and help them on a personal level. For this reason and many others, I now see myself seriously considering a future career in the world of Social Work


Ms. Jocelyn Bibi, South Bronx High School: 

Jocelyn graduated in 2014 from Muhlenberg College and is currently serving as a social worker at a public high school in the South Bronx. Throughout her time at Muhlenberg she was a Psychology major. She commented on how strong of an influence her sisters in her sorority Alpha Chi Omega had on her desire to work in a helping profession. Through various internships and volunteer opportunities that she had the opportunity to take part in throughout graduate school, Jocelyn was able to determine that working with young people was the right “fit” for her. She commented that she’s loved having the ability to directly impact the lives of young people while also working in a school setting, but not as a typical teacher.

 Before speaking to Jocelyn, I had never truly considered a career as a social worker. I had   assumed that working as a therapist was the right fit for me. Through my conversation with her, I began to consider a career as a social worker. It would still provide me with the opportunities to directly impact the lives of others, more specifically young children if I choose to go down that specific path. I really appreciated speaking with someone whom I share similar values with and to hear about how she is finding her way in the work world. I look forward to maintaining contact with Jocelyn, especially as I reach my upperclassmen years and begin to seriously consider my next steps.